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ABSTRACT: Jijiga is one the largest population and the fastest growing regional town in Ethiopia. The general public’s demand for health is rising promptly with the improvement of the living standard. However, the limited and unbalanced medical resources have caused the prominent problems of the sRead more ociety. Along with the technology development and Internet popularization, GIS approaches and related products has been widely used in the people’s daily life. The main focus of this paper is to select suitable site for health center in Jijiga city using GIS-based Multi-Criteria Analysis Read less



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ABSTRACT: This study had been conducted to determine the school heads’ competencies and school performance. It explored qualitatively, the school-based management challenges and coping strategies of the school heads. Specifically, it discoveredthe level of school heads’ work competencies in terms of school leadership, instructional leadership, creating student- centered learning climate, human resource management and professional development, parent involvement and community partnership, school management and operations, personal and professional attributes and interpersonal effectiveness as well as the level of school performance in terms of leadership and governance, curriculum and learning, resource management and accountability and continuous improvement. The significant influence of school heads’ competencies on school performance. The lived experiences of School heads in the implementation of school –based management. Complete enumeration of the school heads was used in the study and proportional allocRead more ation of samples of the teacher-respondents with a total of two hundred fifty-three (253) school heads and teachers- respondents of the study. Moreover, convergent design was utilized that covers both quantitative and qualitative research commonly called as mixed method. This involves integrating and combining qualitative and quantitative research process that was done by collecting both responses based on the research questions. In addition, school heads’ competencies the findings revealed that all school heads’ competencies have manifested very high competence. Whereas, on the level of school performance in terms of leadership and governance, curriculum and learning resource management and accountability and continuous improvement manifested good. Furthermore, school heads’ competencies and school performance revealed as highly positive significant influence and relationship on leadership and governance, curriculum and learning, resource management, and accountability and continuous improvement. Read less



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Teachers’ Awareness and Students’ Analytical Skills in Mathematics in Senior High Schools in Zambales Zone IV

AUTHORS: Geraldine A. Pagunsan

ABSTRACT: This study seeks to gauge the teachers’ readiness in Mathematics in senior high school and students’ analytical skills in Zone IV in the Division of Zambales. There were 3 teachers and 296 senior high school students who were involved in this study from three schools. The study made use of a descriptive-correlational research design utilizing a researcher-made survey questionnaire and analytical test. Data were analyzed using various statistical methods. Results of the study showed that the mathematics teachers in the senior high school are ready in terms of teaching experience (4.40), professional training (3.80), instructional tools (4.33), pedagogical content knowledge (4.00), and interpersonal connectedness (3.67). The level of analytical skills of Mathematics students is “approaching proficiency” as revealed by the overall score of 9.26 (out of 15 items) with a standard deviation of 2.40. There is a statistically significant correlation between interpersonal cRead more onnectedness and instructional tools (r=-0.996; p<0.05). There is no statistically significant correlation between students’ teachers’ readiness and students’ analytical skills. After careful analysis of the study, this study recommends that instructional tools and materials be adequately provided so that both teachers and students will be able to attain the learning targets more effectively. Students’ analytical skills must be enhanced more as they gear towards the challenges of 21st-century society. This can be done through designing inquiry-based, outcomes-based, and student-centered instructional plans. Schools may be encouraged to conduct Learning Action Cell (LAC) sessions related to designing instructional tools in Mathematics, improving student-teacher connectedness in Mathematics teaching, and mentoring sessions among teachers. Further studies may be conducted to validate the results of the study. More teacher-respondents may be considered in future studies. Read less



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Teaching Strategies and Program Learning Outcomes for the Bachelor of Elementary Education in a State University

AUTHORS: Jona R. Asuncion

ABSTRACT: This study would like to determine if the different teaching strategies will have a relationship with the Bachelor of Elementary Education Students Learning Outcome. The study used a descriptive survey design of research. According to Aggarwal (2008), descriptive research is devoted to gathering information about prevailing conditions or situations for description and interpretation. Data were analyzed using the IBM SPSS Statistics 2.0. It was found out that the instructors at a State University frequently used different teaching strategies effectively. BEED students are much aware of the program's learning outcomes and program performance indicators. However, it seems that instructors are using traditional teaching strategies more often it must imply for the instructors to use modern technology. Because of the findings and conclusions, the researcher recommends that a.) Although the instructors frequently used different teaching strategies effectively, instructors can use a combination of traditional and modern teaching stRead more rategies to address students' varying learning styles and academics as well as to make the learning environment dynamic and motivational for students. The teacher education program profession may explore implementing hybrid designs of learning, b.) The State University should be student-centered rather than teacher-centered, in that way it describes what the students will do, not what the instructor will teach, c.) The University should allow teachers and administrators to focus on the balance between the content across curricula. It allows them to look into each classroom and see what children learn and helps them gather data on redundancies or gaps in the course content, and d.) Training design is never considered to be done, there is always ongoing development seeking to improve student learning and content quality across schools, therefore instructors should continuously assess and may revise to ensure students get the most out of their education, and for instructors to use the most effective strategies in their lessons Read less



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Gender comparison in Religious Orientation and Hope among Young Adults

AUTHORS: Sajjad Hussain, Sanna Jan and Pratibha shikhawat

ABSTRACT: The present endeavour was undertaken to compare religious orientation and hope among young adult boys and girls. To fulfill the objective of the study, the Between-group design was framed. A sample of (N=100) respondents aged between (18-24) years from Srinagar city the Kashmir division were included in the study. Based on gender, male (n=50) and female (n=50) respondents were included in equal numbers. To data was collected by using the Purposive sampling method. The Allport and Ross (1967) religious orientation scale andRead more Snyder et al., (1991), Adult Hope Scale was used in the study. To analyze obtained data, an independent sample t-test was used. The findings of the study showed a significantly higher Mean score among males on Intrinsic religious orientation and Hope. On the contrary, female respondents obtained higher Mean scores on Extrinsic religious dimensions. Thus, the present study positively depicted a statistically significant comparison in various dimensions of Religious Orientation and Hope among young adult males and females. Read less



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The Impact of Student’s Personal Learning Efforts on Effective Learning Environment in Academic Institution of Nepal

AUTHORS: Bachchu Ram Sapkota

ABSTRACT: Effective learning environment in the institutions enhances the quality education which is the basic requirement for the employability in tourism industry. A good learning environment for the students is needed in the school, home and society. The key objective of this research is to find out students’ personal factors to enhance learning and development, and the students’ essential individual practices and activities to support future employability in Nepal. To fulfill the research objectives, a descriptive studyRead more is used to find out the students’ activities and practices in relation to the learning and development environment for the readiness in future employability. A semi-structured questionnaire was administered to the respondents (100 students of grade XI/XII management stream), collected the information and analyzed. The research exposed that student’s learning optimism, freedom for learning and learning consciousness were the vital factors to contribute learning effectiveness in the academic institutions of Nepal. Read less



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The K-Nearest Neighbour (kNN)-aided Predictions of Aquifer Fluoride Levels in the Rahole Area, Dadaab sub-County

AUTHORS: Meshack Owira Amimo

ABSTRACT: Abstract— Fluoride levels have been a challenge in the Merti aquifer, especially those that are located on the distal and peripheral fringes of the Merti. Some areas in these two zones have acceptable levels of fluorides whereas others do not have acceptable levels. Bone fluorosis has been a public health concern in the border areas and this defect has been blamed on suspected anomalous fluoride levels of some old wells. Rahole area is located in the distal Merti and is therefore a candidate for anomalous levels with a relatively high probabiRead more lity. Since the study area is a new settlement, the hydrogeological assessment incorporated a study into the expected levels of fluorides so that the borehole is sunk with this knowledge in mind-the expected levels of fluoride. The levels may not be suitable for humans but still be favorable for livestock. To achieve this, a Machine Learning algorithm, K-Nearest Neighbor, was used. The results generated prove over ninety percent accuracy levels of predictions. The study area is found to be free of fluoride levels deemed harmful to human life. Read less



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AUTHORS: Ali Furqan Syed, AnumHafeez, AsmaNazir, KiranShahbaz and ShahnawazShahid

ABSTRACT: There are various methods that have been used to discover the sublime mysteries of literary texts, cognitive stylistics is one of most valuable methods. Its focus is to deduct meanings though these meanings of the texts are located in the formal construction of the literary text, readers can approach meanings by using some aspects of their prior knowledge (schema). This study is a cognitive stylistic analysis of Lisa Halliday’s “Asymmetry”. The novel contains three parts. In this research, the researcher’s main objectives were; to explain how writer goes beyond the words to set up rich representation of alternate worlds, to employ figures of speech as features of creativity and novelty and to understand certain types of conceptual metaphors used by writer to create certain cognitive repRead more resentation. The researcher has used two theories; schema theory and conceptual metaphor theory to analyze the text. Schema theory is the collection of individual’s background knowledge and their experiences that provide interpretation of new information. Cognitive Metaphor Theory facilitates its readers and writers with a set of tools to consider metaphor within mental functioning. This theory deals with mapping between source domain and target domain. The researcher has used qualitative method in this study. The data has selected in forms of chunks. The researcher found how a writer used figurative language in order to show the novelty of her novel. Hence, the researcher has concluded her research by saying that the novel is highly creative and the writer has used many of figures of speech. Read less



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The k-Nearest Neighbor Evaluation of Groundwater Quality in the Distal Merti Aquifer, Modogashe Area

AUTHORS: Meshack OwiraAmimo 1 , Dr K.S.S. Rakesh 2 , and, Jibril Shune 3

ABSTRACT: Abstract— The trans-boundary Merti aquifer possesses various water quality categories, namely, saline, fresh and hard species of water. Some boreholes in the Modogashe area are found to be of fresh water quality, yet the vast majority of the wells are either saline or outright brackish. The Northern Water Works Development Agency wished to fund the sinking of a well ,and the company CEO wished to make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with this project as any water of unacceptable quality would means being rejected by the community, way after millions have been sunk into the project. The objective of the present study is to help develop a groundwater exploration decision-making under uncertainty, so that the Board Technical Services Manager (TSM) and the CEO get the technical info backing the decision to proceed with the program. Consequently, much of the data used to develop the models were sourced from the Kenyan rather than the Somalia-side of the Merti Aquifer. To achieve this, a list of existing data of groundwater sources of the Merti aquifer were assembled and processed so that we now had longitudes, latitudes, depth, elevation, mean resistivity of the main aquifer, in the firstRead more five dataframe columns. The Total dissolved Solids (TDS) or Electrical conductivity (EC) or the respective rows of data were then analysed against the Kenya Bureau of Standards ( KEBS ) for water quality, so that a sixth column emerged, code-named as water category. This column expressed the status of the water: whether it was saline, fresh or hard. If fresh or hard, it was categorized as good. If saline, it was categorized as bad. To infer the water quality of the new field data points of a proposed drilling spot whose depths have been determined using Vertical Electrical soundings , a geoelectrical mapping tool, new rows of longitudes, latitudes, elevations, depth, and resistivity (abbreviated as rho) were brought in and predicted. This field dataset lacked the final column, as it is the one to be predicted. The predicted findings were hundred percent correct, for the expected water quality of the new spots. The kNN algorithm was used to generate a prediction algorithm with an accuracy of way over 90.9 percent. With this high level of accuracy, the model was deemed fit for use in predictions of new dataset class of water category, whether the new dataset would give rise to good or bad water species. Read less



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Overview and Current Status Of Contrast-Enhanced Imaging in Assessing Diagnosis Of HCC after TACE

AUTHORS: Than Vuthy

ABSTRACT: Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the fifth most common cancer and a principal cause of cancer-related deaths approximately one-third of cancer-related deaths worldwide. HCC appears on the background of a cirrhotic liver. The treatment strategies have been considerable developed during the last 30 years; the stage of HCC and the underlying liver function determine the therapeutic option and management of diseases. Transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) is considered the best treatment option of HCC nodules not suitable for curative treatment including surgery and liver transplantation. Moreover, the modified Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors (mRECIST) is vital to determine the degree of tumor necrosis. If there is a tumor with partial necrosis, retreatment or additional treatment including ethanol injection, radiofrequency ablation, and microwave or HIFU ablation may be performed to achieve complete necrosis after TACE. Different Imaging modalities used to evaluate the treatment response to TACE include contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CECT), contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS), and contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (CEMRI). CECT has been commonly used as the standard imaging modality to evaluate the treatment response of HCC after TACE. However, several studies have reported a weak diagnostic performance of CECT for the assessing diagRead more nosis of residual tumors after cTACE. In DEB-TACE, the half-life of doxorubicin is normally a long time that is why a very assessment of treatment response after treatment could be appropriate and the degree of tumor necrosis could be underestimated. The purpose of this current study was to perform a systematic review of the literature to present the ability of contrast-enhanced imaging to evaluate treatment response of HCC after TACE. The current available contrast-enhanced imaging modalities (CEUS, CECT, and CEMRI) and new CEUS techniques will be discussed to their advantages based on currently available literature and our experience in contrast-enhanced imaging. Of all available imaging modalities including CECT and CEMRI, CEUS is a valuable imaging modality to assess the treatment response of HCC after TACE, especially the conventional TACE and may provide comparable sensitivity and other benefits to CECT. As the result of new techniques and software, contrast-enhanced imaging may have their advantages in assessing diagnosis of HCC treatment response. The perspectives of contrast-enhanced imaging in clinical practice are promising and the development of new contrast agents, as well as new software for analyzing images, will gradually evolve. This will create new prospects for characterizing hepatic lesions and assessing the treatment response of HCC after TACE Read less



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Examining the Coverage of Terrorist Activities in Afghanistan's Media: A Case study of TOLOnews

AUTHORS: Sakhidad Mahdiyar

ABSTRACT: The purpose of the present paper is to analyse the reporting of terrorist activities by TOLOnews in Afghanistan. Media is considered to be the best tool for influencing public opinion and leading the people’s minds to a particular viewpoint. So, in a post-war country like Afghanistan which is suffering from terrorism, it is significant for mass media to be cautious in reporting terrorist activities. By executing cRead more ontent analysis of thirty news stories it could be discerned that TOLOnews lacks professionalism in reporting terrorism activities. The findings further suggest that TOLOnews is incompetent in being a socially responsible media outlet in a developing country like Afghanistan. Inaccurate and sensitive headlines, too short leads and illusory background information are the main problems in the news reported by TOLOnews Read less



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