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Comparative Analysis on the Economic Impacts of Client’s and Member based Microfinance Institutions in Pakistan

AUTHORS: Wajid Alim, Areesha Zaheer and Mahmood Ahmed Aziz (Late)

ABSTRACT: This Paper shows thecomparative study of two peer groups of Microfinance Institutions based on the data of Pakistan Microfinance Institutions.Microfinance is the provision of financial services for the poor. The financial services include savings, insurance, transfer of funds and credit facility. The performance has been measured through return on assets, return on equity and financial self-sufficiency being the dependent variables.Size, debt-equity, number of borrowers, number of women borrowers, risk coverage ratio has been employed as independent variables. SecondaRead more ry data of 24 microfinance institutions and 11 microfinance banks from 2006 to 2017 has been analyzed by applying t-test, correlation, multiple regression analysis and Mann-Whitney U-test on the penaldata. The hausman test has also been applied and resultantly fixed effect regression model performed.The results show that Clients based microfinance institutions (MFBs) has statistically significant economic impact on the performance. The R-square test has also supported the results. The Mann-Whitney U-test performance and economic impact of MFBs is higher than the MFIs. Read less



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An examination of five financial ratios: The Altman Z Score is a technique used to assess the creditworthiness of selected passenger car companies

AUTHORS: Abdul Rahman, Dr. Parameshwara Acharya

ABSTRACT: This research tried to investigate the financial health of Indian passenger’s car companies. Assessing financial health is something that has been done for a long time. The research will last five years, from 2015-16 to 2019-20. The financial performance of the selected vehicle firms is assessed using Altman's Z Score. The Altman Z-score is a credit-strength test result that is based on five financial ratios that may be calculated using data from a company's annual report. With 3.49 million units sold in the passenger and commercial vehicle categories combined in 2020, India was the fifth-largest auto market. In 2019, it was the seventh-largest commercial vehicle manufacturer. Domestic automotive manufacturing increased at a CAGR of 2.36 percent between FY16 and FY20, reaching 26.36 million vehicles. Between FY16 and FY20, domestic automotive sales increased at a 1.29 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR), with 21.55 million vehicles sold in FY20.The total number of passenger vehicles produced in FY21 was 22,652,108. The total production volume of passenger vehicles, three-wheelers, two wheelers, and Read more quadricycles reached 2,214,745 units in October 2021 (excluding BMW, Mercedes, Tata Motors, and Volvo Auto).The automobile sector is currently confronting challenges in order to reduce liquidity risk and increase profitability, not only in India but globally. By 2022, the major automobile firms in India are anticipated to make India the world's leader in the two-wheeler and four-wheeler sectors. To overcome the difficulties and meet the challenges of vehicle production, industries are encouraged to bring in additional investments into the stream in order to reduce liquidity risk and increase profitability. The liquidity and profitability trade-off can be effectively addressed in the manufacturing sector by enhancing and implementing effective monetary methods. The study aids in the provision of recommendations to businesses in order to help them avoid financial difficulty by utilising Altman's Z-Score model is a popular tool for predicting bankruptcy. In this study, the financial performance of vehicle firms was examined, as well as the risk of bankruptcy for a sample of automobile companies in the industry. Read less



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Propaganda and Electioneering Campaign in Nigeria: A Case of 2015 and 2019 General Election in Ondo State

AUTHORS: Oluwasuji Clement Olawole

ABSTRACT: The 2015 and 2019 general elections in Nigeria are one of the elections that have drawn the attention of so many countries as a result of their uniqueness, challenges and successes recorded. Political campaignscolouration in Nigeria took another dimension. Political campaigns and propagandaare ways by which political practitioners market themselves to voters and to win elections. This study used the case study of 2015 and 2019 elections to examine propaganda and election campaigns in Nigeria.The struggle for power at the federal level was considered tough amidst the two dominating parties: Peoples Democratic Parties (PDP) and All Progressive Congress (APC). The tussle for the central controlmade several parties to adopt numerous measures to ensure that they win the political seats which could be tantamount to propaganda. This substantiate the submission that surmise that politics whether national or international is the struggle for the minds and resources of men. In this contest, those who struggle for power use all forms of deception including lies. Those who win, win all and grow fat, while those who lose, lose all and grow lean. The study examined the different propaganda methods used by political parties in the 2015 and 2019 Nigeria’s general elections vis-à-vis the issues/problems of political propagaRead more nda as regarding the election results in Nigeria using Ondo State as the case study. It also looked into the successive government efforts to curb the excessive use of propaganda by Nigerian political parties before and during elections. The study relied on the use of Rational Choice Theory as the theoretical framework for the work. Both primary and secondary data collection sources were adopted by the researcher in which a total of one hundred and fifty (150) questionnaires were distributed to respondents in Ondo state. Similarly, the use of publications, journals, articles, magazines and internet sources were relied upon as basis for sources of secondary data. The questionnaires wereanalysed using descriptive statistics (mean and standard deviation); SPSS and secondary data using content analysis. It was discovered that voters in Nigeria do not necessarily make independent electoral choices rather they rely on primordial decisions vis-à-vis the use of lies in propaganda of socio-ethno-religious leaders who equally double as the representatives of various political parties to make political decisions. The study recommended for an issue-based campaign which will enable the citizez vis-à-vis the electorates be given a free choice of selecting their leaders without political actors interfering in their decision Read less



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ABSTRACT: Abstract: In this work, Opoola Differential Operator which is a generalization of Salagean Differential Operator and Al-Oboudi Differential Operator is used to define new subclasses of analytic univalent funcRead more tions using subordination principle. Also, by means of Chebyshev polynomials of the second kind, coefficient estimates, upper bounds for the Fekete-Szego functional for the new subclasses defined are obtained Read less



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Facebook as a Communication Tool on Language Learning Proficiency of College Students


ABSTRACT: Many students use popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Messenger on a regular basis as a learning partnership. The objective of this study was to identify the effects of Facebook utilization on the language learning proficiency of college students. Further, the study used qualitative research design, more specifically, a phenomenological approach, to learn the experiences of the college students about the said problem to arrive at a description of the nature of the phenomenon. There were ten (10) participants who were highly involved in this research: five (5) for in-depth interviews and five (5) for focus group discussion. Results showed the following essential themes gathered during the interview as effects of using Facebook in relation to their language learning proficiency: new communication vocabulary, knowledge abundance, internet depRead more endence, and grammar and spelling issues. When it comes to dealing with the effects of Facebook utilization on language learning proficiency, the following themes were generated: adapting to the new learning environment; asking for feedback from peers and teachers; and assessing the validity of the information. Lastly, the viewpoints of college students on the effects of using Facebook on their language learning process were the following: awareness of the effects of Facebook; a platform of learning and confusion; and Facebook as a learning aid. With these results being collected and evaluated, the researcher encourages students, teachers, and administrators to be extra careful in using social media. It should not be the sole learning environment to be used in a classroom as part of an asynchronous session but should be an aid to learning and communication. Read less



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AUTHORS: Niranjan Ramesh Giri

ABSTRACT: The research was carried out at three separate locations and looked at the environmental factors that influence the biodiversity and conservation status of freshwater mollusk groups.Increased slog on byssus filaments reduces the plummeting rates of young molluscs, allowing them to migrate (Sigurdsson et al. 1976; Sorlin1988).Many advantages of nursery customconsume been identified for M. balthica (Beukema 1993; Hiddink et al., 2002, in press) [1, 2], but only 1 paper (Hiddink and Wolff, in press) [3], has considered the charRead more ges of relocation to and from the nursery; many individuals disappeared throughout both the summer and winter relocations.Freshwater mussels (Unionida) are worldwide scarce but achieve vital bionetwork amenities in temperate ecosystems. Their position and part in tropical regions are unwell tacit, subsequent in a closely ample lack of exertion toward their conservation. Understanding mussel purposes in emerging countries is mainly important because expensive interferences to restore habitat functionality are often infeasible Read less



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