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AUTHORS: Mataba Augustine Torayi

ABSTRACT: This study sought to highlight strategies adopted by trade unions in enhancing public sector industrial relations In Zimbabwe. Trade unions exist to improve the economic well-being of employees in a company. One way to gauge union commitment is members' desire to put forth effort on behalf of the union (Angrave, Charlwood, & Greenwood, 2017). In today's world of perpetual change, no organization can afford to stay the same. Organizations must constantly refresh and reinvent themselves in order to remain relevant and effective. This is also true for trade unions, which have faced various challenges in recent years, such as globalization, global economic crises, and a shifting labour market. This truth has also been noted by certain keen observers of Read more the labour movement.“Unions must reinvent themselves if they are to survive this power crisis,” writes Tattersall (2010, p. 2).The most valuable asset of any organization is its human capital. A variety of things influence its level of success. Its level of success is dependent on building a work atmosphere that recognizes that everyone has a different reason for working, and that their incentive to be the best derives from being praised for a job well done by others they like. This critical analysis examines the measures that trade unions might use to improve public sector industrial relations in Zimbabwe. This study critical outlines the strategies that can be adopted by trade unions in enhancing public sector industrial relations in Zimbabwe. Read less



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Reduplication in Suwawa Language

AUTHORS: Sania R. Suhadak, Herman Didipu, Yeyen Sofia, Fristi S. Oki, Tiara S. Kamaru, Eka Safitri

ABSTRACT: This study aims at describing the forms of reduplication in the Suwawa Language. Data in this study were gathered from native speakers of the Suwawa language who lived in Suwawa, Bone Bolango Regency, Gorontalo Province. Data were collected through observation, interview, and note-taking techniques. The collected data were then analyzed qualitatively by following the stages of data analysis by Miles, Huberman, & Saldana (2014), consisting of data condensation, data display, and conclusion drawing or data vRead more erification. Based on the results of data analysis, the researchers found five forms of reduplication in the Suwawa language: (1) complete reduplication, which can be divided into (a) complete reduplication of basic words and (b) complete reduplication with affixes, (2) reduplication with affixes, (3) reduplication with sound changing, (4) partial reduplication, which can be divided into (a) partial reduplication of one syllable and (b) partial reduplication of two syllables, and (5) pseudo reduplication. Read less



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Success rate of miniscrew and miniplates as anchorage for orthodontic treatment: A Scoping Review

AUTHORS: Dr. Pankaj Wadhwa1 ,Dr. Pradeep Raghav2 ,Dr.Shalu Jain3 , Dr.Kumar Amit4 ,Dr.Prashant Sharma5

ABSTRACT: Introduction: Conventional anchorage methods generally require patient corporation which may result in undesirable contrary movement of teeth and can be restricted in dentitions that are compromised. Miniscrew and miniplate are specifically designed for enhancing orthodontic anchorage and are being increasingly implemented into orthodontics. Objectives: To conduct a scoping review for the evaluation of the success rate of miniscrew and miniplates as anchorage unit during orthodontic treatment. Methods: Strategic and detailed search of the literature in various databases was commenced till October 2020 utilizing free text and MeSH terms, followed by PRISMA to classify different studies for extraction of the data. Results and conclusions: It was concluded that granulation tissue formation and rate of Inflammation was higher in miniplate Read more than miniscrew, however statistical differences were not found. Another factor observed was the effect of mean age on the success rate of miniscrew and miniplate between the age group of 10-20 years and 20-30 years. It was found that the success rate of both miniscrew and miniplate were similar in both the age groups but as the age advanced from 10-20 years to 20-30 years, the success rate of miniscrews decreased while it remained constant for miniplates. Based on the length, it was seen that in both primary and secondary insertions 8.0-mm miniscrews were significantly safer than the 6.0-mm miniscrews whereas, for diameter, a screw of 1mm or less was associated with mobility or failure of the miniscrews. In relation to the site of placement in the posterior region miniscrews in the maxilla was a higher success rate than that in the mandible Read less



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Holistic Strategic Management Under the New Normal Concept


ABSTRACT: Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, people’s working lifestyles around the world are affected by lockdown and working from home. Most of the public and private sectors then need to deal with this crisis which causes impacts on humans in various dimensions and brings about new behaviors in a human society. Therefore, this academic article aims to study a new normal Read more of strategic management by using a literature review from various sources such as academic articles, interviews and other relevant information, and then summarizing and synthesizing them into work management strategies, people management strategies as a guideline in management planning for both the public and private sectors’ strategic management in the future. Read less



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Organizational Behavior among School Heads in the Province of Cotabato Philippines

AUTHORS: Charry R. Almirol, Marvien M. Barrios & Husna T. Lumapenet,

ABSTRACT: — Positive organizational behavior answers the call for identifying human strengths, producing resilience and restorations, fostering vitality, and cultivating extraordinary individuals by focusing on positive states, traits, and processes. The study was conducted to evaluate the organizational behavior of school heads on the aspeRead more ct of self-efficacy, hope, and optimism. Findings of the study indicated that the public elementary school heads in the Province of North Cotabato, Philippines exhibited an exemplary organizational behavior as indicated by their very high self- efficacy, hope, and optimism in dealing the challenges they are facing in their workplace Read less



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