Role of Media in A Culturally Diverse And Intermixed Society: A Special Study of Poonch District


Affiliations: Department of Political Science University of Kashmir

Volume: 1

Issue: 1

Page: 6-8

Received: 10-Dec-2020

Accepted: 30-Dec-2020

ABSTRACT:The present study is an attempt to understand and highlight the role of media in a culturally diverse society of a border district Poonch of Jammu and Kashmir a state of India. The study is an analysis of the role of media with the main aim to highlight the actual scenario and problems of the society which is a culturally and relatively intermixed district bordering with Pakistan lasting around five decades viz. for the period 1947 to present. Although the scope of this study is not very vast it is a limited one specifically covering a particular area of the of Jammu and Kashmir, but it will be very much helpful for understanding and highlighting the similar problems faced by number of other similar areas of the of the same Union Territory particularly and India generally which are facing many problems due to borders with neighboring countries and also having cultural affinities. The purpose of this study is to spread awareness among the backward and ignorant masses as well as to the authorities so that all the opportunities in this era of information and communication technology are fully utilized to make relation with their near and dear on the both sides of the border. For this media can play a very significant role as it is playing in other areas. But unfortunately even after 70 years of India’s independence the backward areas in every sphere are not at par with the other areas. Media is one of the most important tools which can prove for the good governance through e- governance. This study has been undertaken with the help of secondary as well as primary data through quantitative as well as qualitative approaches. Furthermore at the preliminary stage the focus has been paid more on secondary sources of information by reviewing the existing available literature on the subject matter. Primary data has been taken through the living experiences in such areas since childhood and by interviewing scholars, teachers, and students from such areas. It also important to mention here that there is very little information available in existing literature with specificity of the role of media with respect to a bordering, backward and culturally intermixed area of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Thus it is believed that this study can yield good results and will add something new to the existing literature.


ISSN (Online): 2833-7298
ISSN (Print): 2833-7301


30 NOV 2022


Volume 2, Issue 11 2022


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