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AUTHORS: Eugene AgbasiAdjoteye

ABSTRACT:The proliferation of games shows on contemporary Ghana tv within the cultural environment of modern Ghana impels this paper into being. Game shows like – Ghana Most Beautiful, Talented Kids, Date Rush , Mentor ,‘What do you know’ and in the past: “Agoro”, ’Good Life Game Show’,‘Who Wants to be Rich’, ’UCMAS Arithmetic Quiz’, ‘The Pulpit’, ,‘Football Challenge’,’M‘Icons’,‘Idols’, ‘Stars of the Future’,’Battle for discovery’are some of the tv content that have cluttered the contemporary Ghanaian tv space. These have attracted a lot of audience appeal in contemporary Ghana. The purpose of this paper is to set off Game Shows as important in the Ghanaian contemporary tv space. Read more Questions like- Why Game Shows? The functionality and the consequent reception of Game Shows will be touched upon. The first part deals with the philosophy of the broadcasting institution that purveys the Game Shows and the discursive modes for projecting this tv genre. The second part deals with the tv text per se; and the Game Show as a genre.The last part is the conclusion of the paper. Read less

Received: 02-Mar-2021

Accepted: 10-Mar-2021

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Analyzing the role of women and current situation of Student Politics in the city of Kolkata

AUTHORS: Brishti Sen Banerjee

ABSTRACT:This paper would look at the role of women in the context of student politics in the city of Kolkata. It is a qualitative exploratory research extensively based on primary field work and have been conducted among the students belonging to different institutions located in the city of Kolkata. It would try to explore the the active role of women in terms of representation, participation, engaging in programs, instances of sexual abuse and decision making power among the women in the organizations. Read more This paper would also attempt to provide a comparative analysis among different organizations in respect of the issue of women and would be providing an idea about the current situation of student politics in the city of Kolkata. Also it aimed at understanding if any inconsistencies are present between what the organizations claim to do and what they actually practice on the grass root level. Read less

Received: 09-Mar-2021

Accepted: 16-Mar-2021

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AUTHORS: Mrs: Nguyen Thi Thanh Tung

ABSTRACT:In the twentieth century, a politically and socially involved form of Buddhism known as Engaged Buddhism arose, quickly growing into a vast and powerful movement across Buddhist Asia. Then it became popular in Western Buddhism. This Buddhism movement developed into a forum for expressing people's political aspirations. It developed into psychological and functional emancipation for marginalized peoples and economic prosperity for the disadvantaged. In this article, the author examines a small portion of creating a modern Buddhist movement and its participation in social life. As they formulate their different responses to their specific crises and challenges, the New Buddhist movement's founders and leaders all draw on traditional Buddhist ideas, values, and principles. Their common grounding in traditional Buddhism connects the numerous Engaged Buddhist groups. Read more In other words, Engaged Buddhism is based on conventional Buddhist values. Economic, environmental, and ecological teachings were all taught by the Buddha. All comes into being through a process of causes and conditions, etc., according to this definition, also known as dependent origination. In other words, Engaged Buddhism is a form of spiritual activism that also happens to be social activism. Read less

Received: 15-Mar-2021

Accepted: 23-Mar-2021

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ABSTRACT:A car will be piloted by women and accepted only women customer. The managing director of Red taxi Mr.PeterKirubakaran said an initiative to employ and empower large no of women chauffeurs. A Pink taxi was launched by the Egyptian business women Mrs. ReemFawzi in Aug 2015. It is the first girl’s only transportation in Egypt. In India Bangalore Pink taxis are already a big hit. It is a society need for safer transportation. Read more All countries women’s were feel better by using Pink taxi. The name chooses mostly all feminine beloved the color of pink. Pink taxi is a worldwide existing idea of women’s safer transportations. Read less

Received: 12-Mar-2021

Accepted: 19-Mar-2021

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Wild Sage(Lantana camara)Flower and Leave: Bactericidal Efficacy on Bacterial Growth

AUTHORS: Umoren, O. D.

ABSTRACT:Plants contains myriad amount of chemical with medicinal properties. This study aim at evaluating the antibacterial efficacy of wide sage leave and flower extracted with ethanol on some bacterial growth. Flower and leave of Wide sage collected from the vicinity of Abeokuta were washed, sun-dried, grinded and extracted with 200mlof 95% ethanol solution. Extract was treated against four bacterial strains (Proteus vulgaris, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureusand Lactobacillus sp.). Flower extract shows inhibition zone diameter of 8.00±1.00 mm lower to that of leave extract with theinhibition zone diameter of 10.00±1.08mm against the growth ofPseudomonas aeruginosa. Read more Flower extract also shows inhibition zone diameter of 7.75±0.75 mm which is significantly lower to that of leave extract withinhibition zone diameter of 17.75±0.85mm against the growth ofStaphylococcus aureus. The study however, indicated that ethanolextracted leave of wide sage is significantly active against staphylococcus aureus andand moderately active onPseudomonas aeruginosa which are causal agents of urogenital, skin and health related infections. Read less

Received: 16-Mar-2021

Accepted: 25-Mar-2021

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Exploration of cardiac biomarkers to decline mortality in COVID-19 Patients

AUTHORS: Sonila Khan, Rabia Yaqoob

ABSTRACT:COVID 19 disease is caused by SARS CoV-2 had been started from Wuhan, a city of China and affected hundreds of countries has no therapeutic agents known for the treatment. [2] The mortality rate of disease is high with the patients with pre-existing cardiovascular diseases. In some cases, COVID 19 is associated with induction of acute COVID 19 cardiovascular syndromes. Read more The mortality risks of disease can be lessened by early detection of cardiovascular diseases and myocardial injuries by elevated level of cardiac biomarkers more specifically cardiac troponin I (cTnI) and B type natriuretic peptides (BNP)[4] and N terminal pro BNP NT pro BNP) [7]. Virus enters the cardiac cells by specific binding with spike proteins and caused increase destruction of myocardial cells and leading toward the release of specific cardiac troponin in the blood stream. Read less

Received: 01-Mar-2021

Accepted: 09-Mar-2021

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Technology Tool in Teaching Biology: A Mixed Reality Mobile Application

AUTHORS: Michael G. Albino

ABSTRACT:Teaching biology subject is difficult most especially when the topic needed to have an actual experimentation. Human Anatomy is one of the fields of biological science. In a traditional teaching and learning process, teachers used traditional way of presenting visual materials to their students. The researcher developed a Mixed Reality application that transformed the traditional presentation of visual materials of the teachers into a 3D model of the human anatomy. There was a total of forty-five (45) respondents. The researcher utilized descriptive qualitative type of research where it was used to describe a situation, subject, behavior or phenomenon. Rapid Prototyping Development Methodology (RPDM) was utilized in the development of the application to quickly build and improve the application through user’s feedback. Read more Results showed that the respondents strongly agreed on the effectiveness of the application based on functionality with a total weighted mean of 4.58, usability with 4.58, efficiency with 4.55, and portability with 4.41. The respondents also strongly agreed on the user’s acceptance of the developed application as manifested by the computed total weighted mean of 4.53. Based on the ranking on the user’s acceptability to the developed application, criterion 1 or “Strongly Agree”. It is recommended that the application was functional, usable, efficient, portable, and accepted by the user to use as a technology tool in teaching biology subject using mixed reality application in mobile devices. Read less

Received: 23-Mar-2021

Accepted: 29-Mar-2021

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Groundwater Sodium Level Assessments In The Dadaab Subcounty In Northern Kenya: A Case Study Of The Dertu Area

AUTHORS: Meshack Owira Amimo, Emmanuel Ombaka and Jibril Shune

ABSTRACT:Groundwater sodium content was studied in the Dertu area following the 2008 complaints that pregnant mothers were having problems relating to hypertension, still-births and stunted growth for the babies born there, alongside weak bones for these children. The local leadership opined that the water source being used could play a role in these calamities. Sodium content in the Merti aquifer waters close to and far from the study area were analyzed with a view to helping make informed predictions regarding potential groundwater development in the area. To that effect, data table frames of historical data were assembled and analyzed using ML algorithms. The study reveals that the anomalous levels of Na in the Waters is purely geo-genic, derived from the geological interactions between the flowing groundwater and the parent rocks in the study area. Samples of groundwater wells were analyzed and, were also examined using WHO and KEBS standards for water quality, which indicate that groundwater in a selected sampling sites, were unsuitable for domestic purpose and irrigation. Read more The study also reveals that the sodic mineralization varies from one place to another and as such, there would be some specific portion of the study area that one can pinpoint as being free of Na mineralization: there were as many places with anomalous sodic levels, as were those with acceptable Na+ levels. The prediction model so developed is deemed to be helpful in predicting the sodic content of an un-drilled proposed borehole site , given geospatial parameters and selected groundwater hydraulic variables. The model thus proves useful in making decisions under uncertainty, as far predicting sodium content is concerned. Keywords— Water quality, Groundwater, Chloride, Sodium, Neural Networks, Backpropagation. Read less

Received: 25-Mar-2021

Accepted: 30-Mar-2021

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