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AUTHORS: Roselyn G. Andamon1, and Mocrisa S. Macasayon3

ABSTRACT:The disposal of agri-waste is one of the most pressing problems facing the Philippines today. Farmers have chosen to burn agricultural waste as a disposal method, which pollutes the environment and leads to climate change. A study was conducted to determine the potential of different crop residues as agar-based nutrient media for the in-vitro culture of Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus). The study was lay-outed using Completely Randomized Design (CRD) replicated three times with 7 treatments include Water Hyacinth Agar (WHA), 50% Banana Leaves and 50% Bracts Agar (BLBA), 50% Rice Straw and 50% Hull Agar (RSHA), Palm Oil Empty Bunch Agar (POEBA), 50% Corn Cobs and 50% Husk Agar (CCHA), Coconut Coir Agar (CCA) with Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA) as control. Read more The different media were prepared aseptically in the laboratory, and isolation and data collection took place 7-14 days later. Results showed that crop residues from Water Hyacinth, Banana Leaves and Bracts, Rice Straw and Hull, Palm Oil Empty Bunch, and Coco Coir were found to be a good substitute media for oyster mushroom development, as the substrate promotes oyster mushroom growth and colonization in in-vitro culture. However, since it colonized the media in such a short time, Palm Oil empty bunch may be one of the best alternatives for PDA. Read less

Received: 04-APR-2021

Accepted: 12-APR-2021

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Sustainability of Corporate Social Responsibility During and Post-COVID-19

AUTHORS: Dr. Keshar Choudhary and Dr. Sushila Choudhary

ABSTRACT:The Covid-19 is an opportunity to rethink and resilience for attaining Sustainable Development Goals through United Nations Development Programmes. During the Pandemic situation, the Industrial Sector as well as Multinational Corporations should focus on issues and challenges regarding the welfare of the society and also to identify the priorities of the community which is the need of the hour. During the Emergency period, organizations must focus on Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives which correlate with Global Sustainable Development Goals. Read more Another aspect is that the ecosystem which is the community of living organisms, has been exploited which affected the symbiotic relationship. In this paper we have observed the ethical, social, legal and economic responsibilities of the industries and corporations and their alignment with the constitutional provisions and Sustainable Development Goals. Read less

Received: 08-APR-2021

Accepted: 17-APR-2021

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Assessment of Pastoral Households Seasonal Migration in Itang Special District, Gambella Region, Ethiopia

AUTHORS: Chayot Gatdet1, Kibrom Adino2 and Tigist Petros3

ABSTRACT:The pastoralists use seasonal migration as the key handling strategy for the various forces in Itang special district. These pastoral households seasonally migrate with their herds between the woodlands and Baro-river bank in the district. As such, the study was aimed to assess the patterns, determinants and the opportunities of the pastoral households’ seasonal migration in the study area. Then, the multistage sampling techniques were employed primarily purposive, stratified and simple random sampling to collect the mixed approach data from 100 pastoral households in two kebele by using Focus group discussion, key informant interview, observation, questionnaire interview and documents analysis. Descriptive and binary logit model were used. The seasonal migration result showed that about 57% of the pastoral households have been migrated seasonally during the last reference period in the study area. These pastoral households have been migrated between December-February, June-August, September-November and March-May and migrated between rural-rural, urban-rural and rural-urban areas in the study area. The binary logit model results found that the occupation, herder perception, market distance, livestock water distance, credit access and livestock holding size influenced the pastoral households seasonal migration in study district. Read more At the areas of origins, the pastoral households have faced the recurrent conflict, inadequate physical infrastructures, insufficient non-farm developments, water resource deficit and prevalent of livestock diseases in the study area. At the areas of destinations, the pastoral households have obtained the increasing livestock products, increasing resilience, promoting social cohesion and retaining rangelands in the study area. As a result, the pastoral households’ seasonal migration becomes the stresses and shocks handling strategy that needs not to be neglected in the pastoral areas. Accordingly, the concerned organizations and communities need to eliminate the pushing forces of seasonal migration in order to strengthen the existing opportunities across the study district. Read less

Received: 22-APR-2021

Accepted: 30-APR-2021

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Exploring Perceptions of Elementary School Teachers on the Importance of School-Based Life Skills Education. A Case Study

AUTHORS: Bushra Mairaj

ABSTRACT:There is an unusual increase in the cases of child abuse, early marriages, suicide, physical and mental violence causing a large number of school dropouts in elementary classes. This calls for the requirement to investigate or evaluate the perceptions of teachers about life skills education in public sector elementary schools. The study was conducted using qualitative interviews from twelve teachers of two public schools where life skill education is being taught. Read more Thematic analysis was used for data analysis. The findings of the study revealed that teachers are aware and have a positive attitude towards life skills education. This study will contribute to raising awareness. Read less

Received: 26-APR-2021

Accepted: 30-APR-2021

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The Potential for the Application of the emerging market Z-score model in the case of listed Banks in Ghana

AUTHORS: Dramani Angsoyiri and Anthoinette Ativor

ABSTRACT:the purpose-The primary goal of the research is how to put into operation the emerging market (EM) Z-score model in predicting corporate failure and to evaluate financial performance through the analysis of the annual audited report of four quoted banks in Ghana. Read more More so this research introduces the Z-score model in this sector as a tool for possible diagnostic behind financial performance and deterioration. Read less

Received: 15-APR-2021

Accepted: 28-APR-2021

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30 OCT 2021


Volume 1, Issue 9 2021


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