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AUTHORS: Umoren, Otoh D. and Adegbola, Odunola E.

ABSTRACT: Beef accounts for nearly half of all meat consumed globally, so cattle play an important role in the meat supply and livestock industry. The reduction in cattle productivity is of a global concern. Therefore, the study aimed to investigate the haemoparasitic status of cattle in the abattoir of Adodo Ota, Ogun State Nigeria in other to assess and promote food and livestock sustainability. Sixty (60) blood samples were taken at random from the slaughtered and jugular veins of 60 cattle. Thin film was made, air dried then fixed in 100% methanol for 60 seconds, and stained with quality grade 10% Giemsa stain, slides were viewed under ×4Read more 0 and ×100 power of a binocular microscope at Omega Medical Diagnostics Laboratory. Heamoparasites intensity in cattle indicates 25% (15) infection with E. wenyoni, 11.7% (07) infection with H. bovis, 16.7% (10) infection with mixed parasites of Eperythrozoon and Haemobartonella while 8.3% (05) accounting for the lowest percentage infection with T. congolense. High haemoparasitic prevalence was seen in Cows 70% than Bull 57.5%. Heamoparaitic status of cattle from the study signifies that haemoparasites remain one the biggest threat to food and livestock sustainability, and a continuous source of veterinary and public health concern. Read less



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Impact of School Climate on Marginalized Students: A Meta-Analysis

AUTHORS: Dorji N1, Samten Dorji 2

ABSTRACT: School climate is considered as one of the important features that will decide the types of the climatic condition of the institute. The school climate attracts the employee and also the students if the climatic condition is favorable to work otherwise, they will walk away if the condition is pathetic. Marginalized society is a group of disadvantaged societies who prefer to live in isolation and they are handicapped on contributing to the public life. The students with marginalized individualities are at high risk of drop out due to different factors that will bring adverse impact on achieving the universalization of enrollment RMSA (2009). The review of different literature reveals that a series of strategies can be carried out by the schools to increase the retention of marginalized and at-risk students. It is very important fRead more or the school to identify the need to encourage in building relationships among students, parents, community, and teachers so that the students will be able to realize their potentialities and feel the importance of education. Next, the school needs to design different activities and programs that will make connections and build relationships among students with students, students with teachers and students with school. The school should mostly focus on giving importance on personal issues (individual) rather than in general, this will make a student feel attached and cared by the school thus increasing the enrollment of the marginalized students. For the students with a high need for emotional and psychological care, the school should be able to support and provide assistance without discrimination to all groups or individuals Read less



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ABSTRACT: This study aimed to determine the job motivation and managerial practices: their influence on State Higher Education Institutions faculty performance in Region X11. Specifically, it determined the level of job motivation of the administrators; their degree of managerial practices; the level of faculty performance; significant influence of job motivation on faculty performance; significant influence of managerial practices on faculty performance; and significant influence of job motivation on the managerial practices. Respondents were 77 administrators and 243 permanent faculty. Mean was used to determine the level of job motivation, managerial practices, and faculty performance; while multiple regression analysis to test the hypotheses of the study. The findings showed that job motivation significantly influenced the faculty performance in instruction and extension. Intrinsic motivation turned out the best pRead more redictor for instruction and research; whereas, extrinsic motivation was on production. Job motivation significantly influenced the managerial practices particularly planning. Intrinsic motivation came out most significant predictor on managerial practices in planning and controlling; whereas, extrinsic motivation on planning and organizing. Managerial practices significantly influenced the faculty performance particularly instruction. Planning was the most significant predictor in instruction; while; organizing on faculty performance in research, extension and production. It could be concluded that when an administrator is intrinsically and extrinsically motivated he/she will have a high performance in planning, organizing and controlling; and when the faculty is highly motivated intrinsically and extrinsically, he will have high performance in instruction, research, extension and production respectively. Read less



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Assessment of Road Traffic Crashes in the Addis Ababa to Adama Old Main Road

AUTHORS: Endalkachew Yesuneh

ABSTRACT: Road traffic crashes occur as a result of several factors associated with the traffic systems such as humans, vehicles and roadways. The result of the study revealed that on average total traffic crashes including PDO occurred on the road before and after expressway constructed was 383 and 225 respectively. The average percentage of the type of crash due to vehicle and pedestrian collision occurred before and after eRead more xpressway constructed is 60.26% and 54.1% respectively which accounts the largest cause of fatality. Driver whose education level is junior and age between 18-30 account highest traffic crashes before and after expressway constructed. Based on the result of this study the major causes of crashes attributed were failure to observe and give priority to pedestrians, following too closely and over speeding while driving. Read less



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Impact of Human Resource Empowerment and decent work on Economic growth to implementing in Afghanistan

AUTHORS: Sayed Nasir Sadat

ABSTRACT: The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) mark a historic and effective method of global mobilization to achieve a set of important social priorities worldwide. They express widespread public concern about poverty, hunger, disease, unmet schooling, gender inequality, and environmental degradation. By packaging these priorities into an easily understandable set of eight goals, and by establishing measurable and time bound objectives, the MDGs help to promote global awareness, political accountability, improved metrics, social feedback, and public pressures. (Jahanian 2014) SDGs is a huge concept for the developing country and must to implement in developing countries. The main problem is the process of implementation of SDGs in the developing country like Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a country which the fundamental of its income is for Read more agriculture sector , and have the weak economic growth and the infrastructure, in this case I have to select this topic to add some knowledge to this problem and assist the previous knowledge and clear that where is the main gap. (Lancet 2012) This work is the pies of actual work on implementation of SDGs goal 8 in Afghanistan and data gathered by primary and secondery data and show the gap of implementing in Afghanistan.by this research we can find the way of attempt SDGs in here and the data show us how SDGs is important to our country and the strategy of implementing is to apply SDGs up to 2030. In order to achieve the research objectives, I have search and find lots of research and paper about the topic to achieve the maximum productivity and add the way to how implement the SDGs goals in area of Afghanistan. (Jahanian 2014) Read less



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Financial Innovation and its Impact on Financial Performance of Commercial Banks in Nepal

AUTHORS: Padam Dongol

ABSTRACT: Banks need higher performances for their growth and sustainability. In this regard, the financial innovation of the banks put some additional efforts to keep the banking sectors in a safer place to conduct the financial transaction between depositors and borrowers. With this view, the research study aimed to identify financial innovation and its impact on the financial performance of commercial banks in Nepal. The target population included in this study is 115 staff from different branches of commercial banks. Out of the total population, 74 (64.34%) responRead more dents were selected as a sample for the study based on the purposive sampling method. A total of 27 commercial banks are operating in a nation; the study covered only 10 banks as a sample based on the merger and acquisitions in nature. The study also adopted a descriptive survey design with a questionnaire being the basic tool for the collection of primary data. From the study, it was revealed that the impact of internet banking service plays important role in the banking sector to make customers satisfy and also increase the financial performance of banks. Read less



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Comparative study of serum ferritin in hypothyroid and euthyroid subjects

AUTHORS: Dr. Sharwan Kumar

ABSTRACT: Background:- Thyroid harmones triiodothyronin (T3) and thyroxin (T4) are secreted by thyroid glands and secretion of thsese harmone is under feedback control of Thyroid Stimulating Harmone (TSH). Primary hypothyroidism is a state in which thyroid harmone T4 and T3 are reduced and TSH level increased in serum. Hypothyroidism affects haematopoietic system and causes anaemia. Iron is required for thyroid peroxidase enzyme which catalyses thyroid harmone biosynthesis. Ferritin is storage form of iron and its serum level reflects iron stores of body. Altered level of serum ferritin have been reported in patients with thyroid disease. So the present study was done to observe serum ferritin level in primary hypothyroidism and to compare it with euthyroid subjects and to determine correlation between serum ferritin and thyroid harmone level. Material and Methods:- This cross sectional study was done in January 2019. On the basis of TSH values Read more 40 hypothyroid subjects as case and 40 euthyroid subjects as matched controls were included. Informed consent was taken from all study participants. Subjects with TSH value >5.5 µIU/ml were taken as hypothyroid and TSH value <5.5 µIU/ml were taken as euthyroid. Serum was analyzed for freeT3, freeT4, Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) and ferritin by chemiluminescent immunoassay autoanalyser. Results:- In our study we found that mean value of serum ferritin concentration in hypothyroid subjects was lower (13.51±6.13 ng/ml) as compared to the mean value of serum ferritin among euthyroid subjects (41±11.41 ng/ml) and it was found to be statistically significant. We observed a negative correlation between serum TSH and serum ferritin among study subjects (r= -0.89). Conclusion:- Serum ferritin level decreases in hypothyroid patients and it further aggravates hypothyroidism, so ferritin level should be assessed in hypothyroid subjects. Read less



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Evaluation of knowledge, attitude and practice of patients with hypertension referred to Cardiac Research Center and Aliabad Hospital of Kabul Medical University

AUTHORS: Roqia Mohammadi

ABSTRACT: Introduction: Hypertension is one of the most important causes of heart failure. Awareness of the type of disease and preventive factors is effective in reducing the incidence of hypertension. The aimof this study was to evaluate the knowledge, attitude and practice of patients with hypertension Materials and Methods: This cross-sectional study was performed on patients with hypertension referred to the Cardiac Research Center and Aliabad hospital of Kabul Medical University during 2019. Eligible patients were selected according to inclusion criteria. Patients were evaluated for demographic characteristics and the relationship between factors affecting knowledge, attitude and practice. Data were analyzed using SPSS software. Results: 414 patients with a mean age of 46.49±07.12 years were studied. Among the participants, 51.1% were male anRead more d 48.9% female. Furthermore, 76.4% were married, and 47.3% had a bachelor's degree. In addition, 50.8% had low income and 57.9% had a family history of hypertension. Overall, the studied patients had a poor level of knowledge with a mean score of 7.6 ±91, a poor attitude with a mean score of 4.38 ±1.19 and a moderate performance with a mean score of 37.41±7.3. The mean scores of knowledge and attitude in patients with high level of education and income were significantly higher than other patients. Conclusion: Designing and implementing awareness-raising educational programs and paying attention to the fair presentation of education can play an effective role in promoting knowledge, attitude and practice of patients with hypertension; Therefore, by teaching healthy eating behaviors, patients' health and quality of life can be improved. Read less



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30 OCT 2021


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